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Ask questions and find out which trials

 About Medical Research Studies  

Benefits of Participation in Medical Research Studies 

  • Access to treatment that is either not readily available or expensive. 

  • Regular, close, personal attention from our providers and clinical site staff. 

  • You’ll have a better understanding of your health.

  • You may be compensated for your time while participating in the medical research trial. 

  • Contributing to research that may save lives in the future. 

What is a Health Screening Does For You?

Our comprehensive health screening offers you
the opportunity:


  • To find out more about your current health 

  • Ask Questions about Medical Research Studies

  • Find out which medical research study might be beneficial to your specific health concerns 

Completing a free health screen does not in any way
obligate to you sign up for a medical research study.

It will give you the opportunity to personally visit
with one of our research experts who can
answer your questions and give you the
information you need to make an
informed decision about participating in a trial. 

What to Expect at Your
First Invo Research Visit


Our clinical research site is similar to a regular doctor's visit with comfortable exam rooms. We will begin:

  1. By providing you with paperwork for you to compete. This paperwork will provide a brief overview of your medical and personal history. 

  2. We will then start the Inform Consent Process, which is when you will have a chance to be informed about ALL details of the medical research study and decide if you would like to continue with study participation. 

  3. If you decide to move forward with medical research participation we'll begin performing the any necessary procedures such as physical examinations, lab work, or other diagnostic tests at no cost to you. 

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