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Overview of COVID-19 Vaccination Blood Sample Collection

Are you getting vaccinated soon? Clinovacare Medical Research study is seeking volunteers who have not yet had their first vaccination. Volunteers earn $800 for their participation.

The study involves a blood draw right before the first vaccination, to determine any initial antibody levels, 15 days after the first vaccine dose, and 7 additional blood draws after the final vaccine dose to examine the long-term ability to maintain the antibodies. 

The study is a 12-month outpatient study, with 8 required clinic visits for blood draws. Qualified participants may be compensated up to $800 for time and travel.

Signup online by completing contact form below, or email our Signup online completing contact form below, or email our Patient Care Coordinator, Shamera Jackson at  You can also call us toll free at 803.219.4972 or text us at 803.291.4972

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